Gibney Research Laboratory

Prof. Brian R. Gibney

Professor Gibney is a leading researcher in the design of synthetic proteins containing metal ions. His current research is centered on the role of hemes in heart disease, and on the role of zinc in controlling gene expression in human cancer, and the design of [4Fe-4S] cluster proteins for nanobiochemistry. His investigative tool is to measure the thermodynamics of metal-peptide and metal-protein interactions to provide the basis for improvements in the computational design of metalloproteins to the point where the design of metalloenzymes from scratch in not just possible, but routine.

A leader in the field of de novo metalloprotein design, he has authored 70+ research papers and co-organized the first Protein and Metalloprotein Design Conference and the first Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public Lecture. He has been named the Jacques Edward Levy Professor of Analytical Chemistry, presented the Paul Saltman Memoral Lecture, named a Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar and named an American Chemical Society Fellow.

He is the current Executive Officer of the City University of New York Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Local Section of the American Chemical Society, and is a Member of the ACS Joint Board - Council Committee on Science.